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Facial Prices

AED 30045 mins.
Casmara Special Facial (Spain)
AED 40045 mins.
Gold Facial
AED 50055 mins.


Facial Services Dubai

Facial Services Dubai

About Dr Renaud

Since 1947 Laboratoire Dr Renaud have offered a totally natural concept in treatment skincare using only the finest natural plant and marine extracts. Dr Renaud offers solutions for all skincare problems even the most sensitive. Dr Renaud care products are mainly created with naturally-derived ingredients, giving preference to: certified organic ingredients, fair trade, biodiversity awareness while excluding from formulations unwanted chemical ingredients or products. Resulting in many products without: Parabens, Synthetic Colorants, Synthetic Perfume, Mineral Oil. There is no animal testing on products.

And we proudly use Dr Renaud products in our facial sessions with expertise.

It was originally created by Doctor Louis Renaud, a French doctor who was a pioneer in aesthetics and plant based beauty. Laboratorie Dr Renaud has been a leader in cosmetology for more than 60 years, manufacturing all their products in Canada for more than 40 years, Laboratorie Dr Renaud relies on Research and innovation to remain in the forefront of the industry with the highest performing products.

From the very beginning, Dr Renaud has relied on this innovative approach to create efficient skin care. Since no two skins are alike, so only a personalized solution will fulfill every skin’s needs. However, the great variety of choices offered in the market only makes it harder for the regular consumer to choose.

Your skin is unique; your solution for a beautiful, healthy skin must also be unique too.

Nature is an extraordinary source of beauty and pleasure, Dr Renaud gives priority to the most effective and sensory active ingredients to meet the skin needs. The freshness of Raspberry, the softness of Chamomile, the healthy glow effect of Carrot, the purity of Lime, etc

To make your every beauty step a pleasure, the Dr Renaud formulas call on the senses: delectable fragrances, delicious textures and sparkling colors. A philosophy of happiness that permeated to the heart of the formulas with new exhilarating active ingredients.

Our Facial is an effective make over which includes deep cleansing to help control acne prone skin, toning & massage, eye treatment (using an effective combination of eye cream to help dark circles, puffiness and tired eyes), leaving you de-stressed and your skin with long lasting nourishing effects.

The signs of Aging that you can see on eyes

There are different changes that affect the eye area by time.

  • Wrinkles: Chronologically, the first signs of aging that appear are the laugh lines that appear on the area of the face between the outer edge of the eye and the scalp. These wrinkles which enhance a smiling expression but they are an alarm to take special care of the eye area.

A few years later, the first gravity-induced wrinkles appear. They first form on the lower eyelid. They are caused by gravity that is called “the weight of the years” and appear quickly. The dermis of the eyelids is low in collagen and aging makes it easily sag, loosening the skin.

  • Dark circles and bags: Dark blue circles under the lower eyelids can have several causes: genetics, lack of sleep, stress, etc. with fatigue or with age, the area under the eye becomes even more lazy. The blood pigments accumulate in the dermis and epidermis. The micro vessels become more visible due to the skin’s transparency.

In addition, the area has a different sub-dermal tissue because it usually contains no fat cells, allowing the extreme mobility of the eyelid. It is very loose and can be distended, causing the swelling of the eyelids: the eyelid edema, more commonly known as “bags”

The new face of anti-aging

It is a fact that life expectancy increased by 40 years over the past century. The world population is growing older, leading more and more studies on aging. Decades of cosmetology work has sought ways to diminish the signs of time. Here are the five latest major scientific discoveries that are revolutionizing anti-aging treatments:

  • Stem call developments
  • Sirtuins: proteins for longevity
  • Telomerase in the service of telomeres
  • Chronobiology in the skin
  • Cellular detoxification

Do you get Enough Beauty Sleep?

We have heard this question over and over, and have often jokes about it. The truth is sleep is necessary for anti-aging and beauty benefits in general, as well as health and hormonal balance. I’ve never liked the reply “I will sleep when I die” because lack of sleep will contribute to the deterioration of your body and immune system and could very well contribute to an early grave!!!!

If you don’t get enough sleep or less quality sleep for more than one night, you will become more bloated, the lines on your face seem more pronounced, your skin looks dull, not to mention crankiness, heightened emotional sensitivity and fogginess. It can even heighten depression!! So don’t you really want to avoid all these?
Caffeine is not the right solution for lack of sleep, due to the ongoing stress in our everyday lives (meetings, deadline, family, money and traffic) your adrenal glands are working overtime. The adrenals sit on top of our kidneys and they are in charge of monitoring the body’s stress response through the release of cortisol and adrenaline in the ‘fight or flight’ response. Both of these hormones are essential when in balance in order to have a healthy stress response and fight infection.


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