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Threading Services Prices

AED 4520 min.
Upper Lip
AED 2510 min.
Full Face
AED 1001 hr.
Side Face Threading
AED 6015 min.
AED 3010 min.
AED 4010 min.
AED 3010 min.
Nose wax
AED 4020 min.
Ear wax
AED 4020 min.
Eyebrow Tinting
AED 10020 min.


Facial Services Dubai

Facial Services Dubai


Threading is called “khite” in Arabic and “fatlah” in Egyptian; it is not well-known in the West for removing hair at the root.

Threading history is not clear but it is mostly believed that it started in Turkey. Threading hair is an essential habit for women in the Middle East and India like hair braiding for girls at childhood.

Traditionally, threading is done on the facial hair, upper lip, chin, forehead, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks.

Threading on the brows and lips lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, facial hair on the sides lasts from 4 to 8 weeks.


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