Hot Wax

Hot wax has been used since long time ago. We find many waxing products in the market but hot wax is the first one to be used. And many professionals consider it as the best waxing product that can be used at home and in beauty salons. Hot wax needs to be heated before using until it is melted. It is a bit tricky, it should not be too hot when applying on the skin, yet the higher the temperature of the wax the more efficient results we get from waxing.

Hot wax should be applied on the skin in the same direction of hair growth using a wooden spatula. Then have to wait for it for few seconds to completely cool, strips has to be placed over the wax and it has to be pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth with a fast movement in order to increase the efficiency of the whole process. The waxed skin may remain red for a couple of hours if the skin is sensitive, don’t worry as this is actually normal and it will most likely pass in less than one day.

Hot wax has a major advantage unlike cold wax as it does not leave any type of sticky residues on the skin, so the whole waxing process can be very clean and simple. Plus hot wax can remove shorter hairs unlike cold wax which will never be efficient in this case.

Hot wax may take longer time as you need to wait for the wax to cool down to be able to remove it. Still hot wax is considered to be the most efficient temporary wax method. That is why numerous people ignore these disadvantages or reduce their importance and still use the hot wax.

Hot wax is used to remove hair from almost all over the body parts, arms, underarm, legs, back, bikini and face. You may need to apply an after wax lotion on sensitive parts of the body to avoid irritation which can easily be avoided when you keep into consideration some basic waxing tips. Taking care of your body and skin is a must for your own beauty as it covers all our body.

Despite of the variety of waxing products used and the type of wax, waxing is the most effective method to get rid of the unwanted body hair.

Waxing strips come in different sizes and dimensions; therefore they can be used for all parts of the body including eyebrows, upper lip and bikini area.
Waxing lasts quite a long time (usually 4 to 6 weeks depending on the hair strength) except the new hair growth.
Another benefit of waxing is that it removes dead skin cells in the process so skin will remain smooth and soft.
Make sure before applying the wax on your skin that it is perfectly clean and dry
Do not overheat the wax and in case it is too hot, wait enough time for it to cool
Waxing is efficient, inexpensive and fast so there is no reason for you not to give it a try if you haven’t yet.
There are number of precautions for after waxing, like do not sunbathe or swim, do not get in a Jacuzzi which other people have used, it is a high risk of getting infection when the skin is at its most vulnerable. It is recommended to use a lotion with vitamin E to help repair the skin and choose the lotion carefully as some of them has chemicals.


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Waxing Services Prices

Full Body excluding Face
AED 4002 hrs.
AED 50 10 mins.
Half arm
AED 55 15 mins.
Full arm
AED 90 30 mins.
Full Leg
AED 120 45 mins.
Half Leg
AED 90 20 mins.
Bikini line
AED 65 15 mins.
Full bikini
AED 110 30 min
Half Back (Lower,Upper )/Half front
AED 70 45 min
Full Back or front
AED 105 15 mins.


Wax Services Dubai

Wax Services Dubai

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